Our city is definitely a great place to go and one of the most vibrant gay friendly destinations in Europe but it still lacks a sense of community. Plenty of single travelers discovering local gay nightlife on their own. Would you go for a party alone back home? Probably not. Why should you go then on your holiday? Our aim is to get like-minded people together while travelling. Not only for the night you book with us but maybe for the rest of your stay in the city or even for your next destination. Are you continuing to Vienna, Budapest or Berlin? There are probably more of you in the group who travel the same direction.


So why we joined the others? Actually, we didn’t. We use  term “Pub Crawl” for its clarity and being well known within travelers. That’s all.

  •  Unlike the other crawls, we focus on gay nightlife.
  • The guide doesn’t only show you the way to the bars he is part of the group which really makes the difference.
  • We don’t compete with other pubs crawls by offering as much low quality alcohol as possible.
  • No backhand deals. We want you to experience the real places where locals go. We don’t take you to any bar or club just because we get some perks for it.
  • You should enjoy your whole stay in Prague not just our crawl. Do you need information, recommendation, help with your itinerary? Our contact details are at your disposal.


You will enjoy a great night out, meet interesting people from LGBT community and make new friends. You will find out more about Prague and, of course, get tipsy or even drunk as you can drink all night long with us. However, the alcohol is NEVER the core part of our crawls. You can get wasted with any pub crawl in the city or even alone so if this is your main goal save your money and don’t book with us.


How does it work? If you find that you haven’t enjoyed anything else but drinking while crawling with us inform your guide at the end of the tour and you’ll be charged just for the beverages. The rest of the cost (which is 30% of the price) will be refunded.

Why we do that? It helps us track your satisfaction. If your’re not happy we have to improve our services otherwise we are not paid. You can bet that’s a damn good motivation. ;)

our guides


A certified Czech guide originally from Prague. He is eager to show you all that Prague and its gay scene has to offer. Apart from touring in Prague, London and Paris he studies at filming university in Prague and is able to communicate in English, Spanish and basic French.


A student of Faculty of Sport who loves traveling and discovering night life around Europe however, Prague is the place he knows the best. Let him show you around the gay capital of central Europe and he will make sure you will enjoy your evening. Besides sports he adores theater, cinema and drag queen shows. He is fluent in English.

Terms and conditions apply.